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Event Planning 

Launching a new product, annual conferences, government summits,

industry exhibitions, or business entertainment.

We cater to all your MICE necessities.



We're committed to your dreams coming true, with expert professionals who are dedicated to getting every last detail right. This experience also means that we're on top of the latest trends in cuisine and décor. We know vendors with impeccable histories of bringing wedding ideas and venues to life. And we're always open to trying something new and fun.

After all, our hearts are in this too.


Tastes change. Trends come and go. From seasonal harvests from local producers for farm-to-table eating to innovative cuisine from our chefs, with tapas, build-it-yourself plates, comfort foods, and artisanal treats. There are small bites and big flavors. Desserts to take away. Non-traditional break options like food trucks, juice stands, nuts, dried fruit, and candy bars. And, of course, craft beverages, flavor-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions, and limited batches.


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